Bowen Therapy is a gentle, physical technique working on muscles, fascia, tendons and nerves to induce deep relaxation and allow the body to reset and repair. 
All sorts of complaints can benefit from Bowen and it is suitable for all ages. Clients come to Bowen Therapy for treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain; knee, ankle and hip problems; migraines and headaches; coughs, colds, asthma and hay fever; IBS & gall bladder complaints: urinary tract infections; sports injuries; conception, menstrual and menopausal issues; baby colic & unsettled babies and infants. 
Appointments / Charges 
My practice is based in Colchester, Essex, close to the town centre. Free on-road parking is available outside. For full address and directions, or if you require any other details then please contact me by email or phone on (01206) 543302. I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.  
Each Bowen session lasts one hour and consists of a series of gentle moves with frequent pauses in between allowing the body to benefit from each set. Moves can be performed through light clothing although some are better made on bare skin. 
For the treatment of specific complaints it is recommended to book 3 sessions approximately 7 days apart. For general relaxation and stress management one session per month is beneficial. 

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I am a full time homeopath (having qualified at the prestigious Allen College, Chelmsford in July 2003), Bowen Therapist and producer of natural and organic skincare and home fragrancing products which are available through my Rather Lovely website.  Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy are used in a wide variety of conditions. Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss your case prior to making an appointment.  For patients suffering from skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis I can offer additional support with my own specially formulated range of skincare products.  I care about health and the environment and would like to help you and your family enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am a fully insured member of the Homeopathic Medical Association and The Bowen Association UK and abide by their Codes of Ethics.  Fiona Wray, MHMA, BTAA 

1 hour Bowen Session 
Adults - £40. Children age 18 & under - £35. 
Combined homeopathy and Bowen appointments are available. Please go to Book Now button to see prices / options. 
Bowen is often referred to as a physical form of homeopathy as a very small stimulus is applied to the skin to initiate changes within the system. The two therapies work well together and can be undertaken concurrently if required. A combined appointment will be charged at the cost of the homeopathic treatment plus £10. The appointment time allowed for combined sessions varies dependent on the complaint. 
This is the website of homeopath & Bowen practitioner Fiona Wray, RMANM, BTAA. 
On this website I aim to provide well-researched information to enable readers to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. However, this information should not be taken as a substitute for the advice or guidance of your GP or other medical professionals.  
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